Your new community magazine for Bodle Street Green village. Bringing you local articles of interest, local information, local businesses, local contacts and support.

Welcome to the March edition of The Bodle, a monthly ‘not for profit’ village magazine in both hardcopy and online format.

Thank you to everyone who has sent feedback. It has been heart-warming to hear and read so many positive and complimentary remarks. It is very clear you want The Bodle village magazine to continue! We have already received some incredibly generous donations to pay for March printing costs so a huge thank you to everyone who has donated funds. We also now have a Treasurer, Philip Hale, and a Lloyds bank account for you to send your subscriptions! To subscribe for a year please pay £10 (showing your surname and house name as reference) to

Philip Hale. Sort code: 77-04-38 Account no: 58318960

Thank you to everyone who has paid their subscription already. A substantial team of volunteers including distributors have come forward which is brilliant. The costs have now reduced thanks to a new printer recommendation from one of our readers. Articles are coming in thick and fast as are suggestions for things to include which are reflected in the March edition as much as possible. Let’s hope you enjoy it!

Advertise your business for a modest annual fee of

  • £20 third page
  • £30 half page
  • £60 full page

Email your request to

The same to send in an article, letter, picture or review.

All submissions are needed by 14th of the month prior to publication.

Thank you so much for your continued interest and support.