‘Ede to a Nightingale’

Having moved into the village recently, we were overjoyed to receive our first copy of The Bodle, and have subscribed accordingly. My father, who has lived in Bodle Street for all of his 74 years, read the article about Basil Ede on page 3 of the February 2021 edition and recounted a story that I found astounding. Apologies for any factual inaccuracies, naturally. 

Long ago, a lovely lady by the name of Mrs Thompson residing at Sheraton did some work for the World Health Organisation in South Africa. Though perhaps dissimilar to nursing the wounded in Constantinople, the local community were so grateful for Mrs Thompson’s Florence-like efforts that they presented her with a hand-painted portrait of their national bird to say “dankie”. The Blue Crane may not fit this forced attempt at Keats-esque word play as finely as a Ukrainian location might have allowed, but the astounding element of the story arises from the now predictable source of the avian representation.

Despite being halfway around the world, the artist that had created the image being gifted to Mrs Thompson was a prominent member of the Bodle Street community and close neighbour of the recipient, a man going by the name of Basil Ede.

Steve Beale