Well I’m confident that all you gardening lovers have done your tasks for January … so, here are some for you for February!

  • Time to dig over your vegetable beds (for those who are not advocates of the “no dig” school of gardening).
  • Protect your apricot, nectarine and peach fruit tree blossoms with a cover until the February weather improves.
  • Divide and thin those daffodils and snowdrops for a better display next year.
  • Greenhouse bulb sorting? Now is the time. A high potassium weekly feed to build them up and leave them to rest over the summer.
  • Fuchsias can be re-potted now and watered and fed to bring them back to life and then put them back in a sunny spot.
  • Pruning time for both winter and summer flowering shrubs this month. Cut back jasmine and wisteria once they have finished and for buddleia, ceratostigma and hardy fuchsia give them a trim before March, ready for summer.
  • February is also the best time to make a wildlife pond so that everything is in place for when it warms up. Keep a deep point of at least 60cms as that prevents total freezing in the winter months. The banks should be gently sloping so wildlife can get in an out!

Flowie Georgiou