March; planting, sowing and preparing the earth.

Fruit & Veg : Now is the time for shallots, onion sets and potatoes to be planted. Cover any empty veg patches to prevent weeds .

Flowers: sow herbaceous perennials; geranium, astrantia, oriental poppies. Prepare the soil with good drainage to prevent rotting bulbs before you sow your summer ones.

Greenhouse: Prick out and pot on! Give plenty of room for your seedlings when you see new growth and water  frequently.

Trees and Shrubs: Good time to plant trees and roses too. Especially where the soil is heavy.

Wildlife: feed the fish in your wildlife pond as they are coming out of winter dormancy. Frog, toad and newt spawn should be appearing as the weather starts to get warmer!

Flowie Georgiou