Do send in your feedback on the first edition to and say what you would like to see in future copies of your village magazine. Your requests will be included, whenever possible in future editions.

The first editions of the hard copy magazine will be free to get it off the ground however any donations to help cover printing costs will be gratefully received. With a first print run of 250 B&W hard copies it has cost £248.
The website will always be free to users.

To reduce printing costs to the reader after the April edition, a modest annual fee (probably £25 half page £50 full page) will be required from anyone wishing to post an advert in the Adverts/Businesses section.

The subscription to The Bodle from June 2020 will be £1 each copy or £10 a year for 12 copies. (If you wish to receive your copy by post please add 66p per issue).

To send in an article, letter, picture, advert or review please use the email address:

All submissions are needed by 14th of the month prior to publication.

Thank you so much for your interest and support.